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Timberland Finance is the trade name for a group of companies which comprises Timberland Invest Ltd and Timberland Securities Investment plc both of which are established in Malta. These two companies have been established by the founders and senior managers of Timberland Capital Management GmbH, a Bafin regulated entity which has more than 27 years of sustained success in the demanding financial investment sector.

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Weekly Market Commentary
“The EU Lays Out A Rescue Plan…”

A plan was unveiled on Wednesday to support the economies that were hammered by the pandemic, hoping to end months of disagreements.

“Creation of A Recovery Fund…”

In Europe, France and Germany called for the creation of a 500-billion-euro Recovery Fund able to offer grants to the countries and regions that are hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.  The proposal is for the European Commission to borrow money…

“FED Chairman Jerome Powell …”

In a closely watched speech Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell gave an assessment of the US economic outlook on Wednesday. Powell is the latest of the policymakers to brush off the idea that…

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