Structure & Knowledge

The people behind Timberland Finance have over 25 years’ experience in structuring investments. They are at the forefront in developing new and innovative ways of structuring investments.

Timberland Securities Investment plc has undertaken intensive work to structure the first European multinational cross-border retail securitization structure in the last 10 years, proving this is a viable option not only for institutional and professional investors but also for retail investors.

The senior professionals in Timberland Finance were also behind the development of securitization solutions for its clients, with the securitisation issuers in Luxembourg which are subject to the Luxembourg Securitisation Act, as well as Timberland Securities SA and Timberland Investment SA, Timberland Securities SPC and Timberland Securities II SPC. In addition, the senior professionals behind Timberland Finance incorporated five approved limited partnership investment AIFs each with an investment amount of EUR 500 million open to all classes of investors, including retail investors through public offering.

Thus, the senior professional behind Timberland Finance have been successful in launching a platform for securitisation vehicles, AIFs and alternative investment structures in Malta, Germany and Luxembourg, aimed at fulfilling the investment requirements of a diverse client base.

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