Vision & Values

At the core of Timberland Finance , lie a set of values and principles. These values and principles bolster the Timberland Finance’s vision in the field of financial services.

We believe that each of the entities forming part of Timberland Finance must implement these values and follow the common vision, in their day to day activities, whether internally, or in their dealings with clients.

One such value is trust. Trust is fundamental in asset management. This requires fairness and transparency in all dealings, internally and in our relationships with clients, which is essential to inspire trust in our clients.

Timberland Finance seeks to give high quality investment services. This is driven by the belief that, as investment service providers, we are socially responsible to our clients in the design and implementation of modern investment products. The Timberland Finance strength lies in our ability to see the bigger picture keeping in mind and understanding the individual needs of our clients. Ultimately, we care about the client’s success and in order to achieve this we rely on tried and tested values. We use our collective knowledge, values and passion to achieve this everyday!

Timberland Finance,
Aragon House Business Centre,
Dragonara Road,
St Julian’s, STJ 3140,