Market Updates

“The US Health Care Bill….”

On Monday Republicans in the US Congress were in chaos after a second attempt to pass a health care bill collapsed as two republican senators did not support the latest version of the bill. President Trump is calling for an outright repeal of Obamacare and others seeking a change in direction toward bipartisanship.

“Trump’s invite to July 14 Bastille Day Celebrations….”

President Trump on Thursday arrived in Paris after an invitation to meet Emmanuel Macron for the July 14 Bastille Day military parade and the commemorations of the entry 100 years ago of US troops into World War One.

“G20 Summit….”

World leaders are meeting in Hamburg for the G20 summit with talks starting on Friday with an informal session on terrorism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will chair the two-day summit.

“News from the ECB and the FED…..”

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has opened up about the bank’s aggressive stimulus policy and fueled expectations that the ECB will announce a reduction of stimulus later this year.

“Oil prices skid downward….”

Oil prices have come under pressure over the past month from rising production in the United States, Libya and Nigeria. In the US data released on Friday showed a record increase in the number of oil rigs

“UK – Way forward after the Election…..”

After failing to win an outright majority in last week’s election Theresa May tries to unite the Conservative party before commencement of Brexit talks by reappointing most of her ministers, brought a Brexit campaigner and party rival Michael Gove into the government.

“UK – Snap Election backfires…..”

On Thursday the general election was held in the UK leaving Theresa May battling to survive as Prime Minister of Britain after calling for a snap election to increase her parliamentary majority and

“The Paris Climate Accord – United States withdraws…..”

The accord finalized in December 2015 and effective as of November 2016 has brought together the US and European Union, China, India and Brazil to pledge to slash fossil-fuel pollutions in order to ease the impact of global warming.

“President Trump’s trip outside the United States….”

From 19 – 21 May: The first stop of Trump’s marathon trip was in Saudi Arabia. Trump delivered a speech on how Muslim nations and the US can partner to counter Islamic State and Iran. The US

“Cyber Attack….”

Hackers infiltrated computers in a number of countries in a fast spreading attack that affected British hospitals and organisations from Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. A ransomware message sent to a hospital

“Macron the New French President….”

Macron an independent centrist at 39 years old is to become the youngest ever elected French head of state winning with 66 percent of votes to defeat far right Marine Le Pen who had 34 percent of votes.

“Brexit and Negotiations…”

In a summit on Saturday European leaders have unanimously signed off the negotiating guidelines for the Brexit. The signing opens discussions that will reach the climax once the UK leaves the bloc

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